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The Williams Tison approach to working with the Hiring Manager is simple and proven. Our goal is to help the hiring manager identify, attract, qualify and sign the top candidates in the least amount of time necessary. At Williams Tison, our commitment to the hiring manager is that we promise not to waste your time.

STEP 1 Meeting Face to Face with the Hiring Manager. This is a very important step in the Williams Tison Process. We want to find out what makes the hiring manager “tick”. We will ask the hiring manager questions regarding his / her management style, expectations, company culture, position compensation, etc. Then, along with input from the hiring manager, an interview process will be developed from start to finish.

STEP 2 Prospecting for Qualified Candidates. After gaining an understanding of the hiring manager’s expectations with regards to candidate specifications, Williams Tison will begin the prospecting phase of the search. Typically, qualified candidates are generated from the Williams Tison proprietary database and network of contacts. At Williams Tison, don’t expect us to be searching various job boards. In our opinion, many of the best candidates never post their resumes to these boards.

STEP 3 Working Through the Candidate Identification and Qualification Process. Once candidates have been identified and qualified, Williams Tison will set face to face meetings with potential candidates. At Williams Tison, we feel that the resume only tells part of the story. These face to face meetings are important because you get a sense of the candidates’ presence, polish and personality. Once a candidate is deemed qualified, we will ask in depth questions regarding the resume. These questions are intended to look for possible red flags in job history, reasons for decisions made (good or bad), job performance (percentage of quota, earnings history, etc.) and questions regarding the intangibles.

STEP 4 Setting Interviews with the Hiring Manager. Once the candidate list has been narrowed, resumes will be forwarded to the Hiring Manager. Interview times will then be facilitated between the hiring manager and the candidate. Typically, these initial interviews are by telephone or in person.

STEP 5 Gaining and Providing Feedback After Interviews. After interviews, Williams Tison will review feedback from the hiring manager and the candidate. This feedback is valuable to the candidate, the hiring manager and to Williams Tison. Moving forward, all parties benefit from the interview feedback.

STEP 6 Setting Up Further Interviews Throughout the Process. As the hiring manager moves forward with favorable candidates, Williams Tison helps with “temperature reading” or gauging the interest of both parties involved. As the process moves to closure, Williams Tison will at times be involved in compensation negotiation, reference checks, background information and communicating offers.

STEP 7 Hiring Manager and Candidate 30 Day Follow-up. At Williams Tison, we strive to be a long-term valued partner to the Hiring Manager and Candidate. During the first 30 days of employment we will be in contact with, and available to, both the hiring manager and the new hire to ensure that the transition is a smooth one for all.