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Williams Tison has a very unique approach towards the candidate. We want to build long-term trust based relationships. We also want to listen to you so that we can be a search partner that you can always count on.

Our commitment to the candidate: We will strive to give you quality exposure to the companies that you are interested in speaking with. At the same time, we will strive to give you honest feedback (good or bad) so that the end goal of getting the right position is achieved. We realize that making a career change can be a difficult, stressful and sometimes scary process. We also realize that confidentiality is critical. No candidate wants to send a resume to a search firm to find out later that it’s been broadcasted out all over the internet. At Williams Tison, we won’t be “shotgunning” your resume all over the place. That only makes everyone involved look bad.

STEP 1 Ask for an Electronic Version of the Candidate’s Resume.  The resume will be used to conduct a brief telephone interview. The resume will also be filed in the Williams Tison Proprietary Database so that the candidate can be identified for future opportunities.

STEP 2 Conduct a Brief Telephone Interview. This will help to make sure that Williams Tison is the right firm for you. Also, this will help us to identify if we have available positions that you may be interested in and qualified for.

STEP 3 Schedule a Face to Face Meeting. If available positions exist for your candidacy and interest level, Williams Tison will want to meet with you. During a face to face meeting, we will typically be looking to see how a candidate presents himself / herself. We will talk to you about the appearance of your resume, your job history, performance track record, earnings history, etc. At Williams Tison, we feel that this is the perfect time to give you constructive and honest feedback.

STEP 4 Schedule Appropriate Interviews for the Candidate. Williams Tison will schedule interviews with Hiring Managers of companies that you’re interested in. We feel that our job is to connect you directly with the Hiring Manager. At Williams Tison, we have solid relationships with our companies. We will not send your resume to a listing on a job board, or to an HR Department that has been flooded with thousands of resumes.

STEP 5 Provide Feedback After the Interview. We feel that this is a very important step in our process. In order to provide value to your job search, we need to let you know how you are perceived in
the interview by the hiring manager. We won’t be afraid to give you the good, bad and the ugly feedback. This feedback will also help you in future interviews.

STEP 6 Communication on Accepting or Declining a Job Offer. Williams Tison is involved in many parts of the acceptance process. We can help with negotiating compensation, start dates, benefits, etc. We can also help the candidate decline an offer in a professional manner.

STEP 7 Follow Up with the Candidate and the Company Thirty Days After Start Date. At Williams Tison, we realize that 30 days after a candidate starts with a new company many things can change for both parties. At times, we can help eliminate little problems before they become big problems.