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Williams Tison has extensive experience conducting contingency based recruiting. Our contingency fee is typically based on a percentage of the candidate’s base salary. This agreement also includes a replacement or reimbursement guarantee.

Williams Tison will usually recommend a retained based search when a potential Client is looking to conduct a specialized search for a candidate or candidates. A retained search allows Williams Tison to allocate more resources to a specialized search for candidates. Unlike other Retained Based Search Firms, Williams Tison guarantees its results. If a Client isn’t 100% satisfied with the Williams Tison Retained Search Solution, we will refund 100% of the retainer fee. That’s unheard of in the Executive Search Business, and that’s how confident we are in our abilities. Try our Retained Search Solution! You won’t be sorry.

Many of our current clients have asked us to help them reduce their cost per hires. Williams Tison now presents our new Outsourced Recruiter (Onsite or Offsite) Solution. With this new solution, Williams Tison can staff your company with a temporary or full-time recruiter. This recruiter can either be based at your company location or off-site at a Williams Tison location. Our Outsourced Recruiter Solution has been produced to help our clients reduce their cost of hire and at the same time offer a solution that provides flexibility and results.

Williams Tison now offers a great solution for clients that have short- and long-term engineering contracting needs. Many of our Government Services Providers have asked for our help in staffing up their Engineering Contracting openings. Most of the clients aren’t budgeted to pay a search firm a full contingency fee upfront without realizing revenues on these contracts. Let Williams Tison assume the risk with our Williams Tison Contract Recruiting Solutions. Ask us how this works!